Pear Fancy, Nc'Nean Distillery

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A 'Fancy' is what happens when you dial the seasoning on a Martini up to 11. Our Pear Fancy combines orchard vibrance with aromatic richness for a zippy, well rounded sipper


Recipe & Serving Suggestion

Nc’Nean Botanical Spirit, Merlet crème de poire, Cocchi Americano, Supasawa  

Pour into an old fashioned glass with plenty of ice. If available, garnish with a lemon twist


From the team at Nc’Nean Distillery

Nc’Nean Distillery are an independent, organic whisky distillery that exists to create experimental spirits and pioneer sustainable production.

The Nc’Nean Botanical Spirit is made from 100% organic Scottish barley spirit, redistilled with a unique botanical recipe, creating a wild drink inspired by the distillery’s home on the Scottish west coast.