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Paloma Faithful, Piña
Paloma Faithful, Piña

Paloma Faithful, Piña

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Recipe & Serving Suggestions

El Tequileño Tequila, Peach Liqueur, Peach Tea, Mango Syrup, Supasawa

To serve, pour over ice.

120ml single serve. 17% abv. Allergens: None

Made using El Tequileño

Named in honour of the people of Tequila, El Tequileño was founded in 1959 by Don Jorge Salles Cuervo with a vision to create only the finest tequila. Sixty years later, El Tequileño is made in the same place using the same recipe by the grandson of Don Jorge. A true respect for ingredients and techniques - from using the finest Blue Agave developed in the premium growing region of Los Altos de Jalisco, combined with natural volcanic spring water. Both of these key components are processed with open fermentation, influenced by 150 year old mango trees and twice-distilled in copper pot stills.

From the team at Piña, Sheffield

Located in Sheffield's steel quarter, we specialise in Tacos, Tequila & Mezcal.

Paloma Faithful, Piña
Paloma Faithful, Piña

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