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Maiden Voyage<br />Andrei Pantiru, Disrepute
Maiden Voyage<br />Andrei Pantiru, Disrepute

Maiden Voyage
Andrei Pantiru, Disrepute

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This cocktail is a fragrant and flavourful rendition of the classic Negroni. It is a metaphorical journey from the shores of the Mediterranean sea to Jamaica via Martinique as a way of encapsulating the romance of travel. With a hint of sun and sea, the cocktail makes a perfect drink to enjoy watching the sunset on-board a sail catamaran.

Recipe & Serving Suggestions

Campari, Coconut & Kaffir Lime washed Caribbean Overproof Rum, Cinzano Rosso.

To serve, pour over ice.

135ml single serve. 21% abv. Allergens: Coconut, Sulphites.

Made using Campari

CAMPARI is a perfect blend of bitter herbs, aromatic plants, fruit, and alcohol. The secret recipe, invented in 1860 and known only by three people, remains true to the original. The seductive herbal notes and delicate bitter taste is unique to CAMPARI and the recipe created a century and a half ago. Campari is essential to some of the world’s most classic and iconic cocktails such as the Negroni and CAMPARI G&T.

Maiden Voyage<br />Andrei Pantiru, Disrepute
Maiden Voyage<br />Andrei Pantiru, Disrepute

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