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El Patrón, Kwānt.
El Patrón, Kwānt.

El Patrón, Kwānt.

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A harmony of Patrón tequila, smoke dried chilli, dry orange and sweetened grapefruit.

Recipe & Serving Suggestion

Patrón Silver, Pink Grapefruit Cordial, Muyu Chinoto, Empirical Ayuuk.

To serve, pour into a chilled glass.

22% ABV, 105ml single serve. Allergens: Grapefruit.

From the team at Kwānt, London

Kwānt is a derivative of quaint; and isn’t this bar just? One foot into Erik Lorincz’s venue and you’re transported to another time, another clime. Continuing the journey from Moroccan restaurant Momo upstairs, Kwānt puts you bar-side with Humphrey Bogart in the 1940s classic Casablanca, just with exquisite cocktails and a lot more colour.

Patrón Margarita Month

This International Margarita Day, 22nd February, Patrón is heroing the iconic tequila cocktail and the bartenders who continue to innovate the flavours of this serve by extending the celebration for an entire Margarita Month. For every cocktail sold the Bars will receive £1.50, meaning you can support the hospitality industry from the comfort of your home, with a Margarita in hand.

El Patrón, Kwānt.
El Patrón, Kwānt.

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