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Coffee & Cacao Old Fashioned, The Watermark Bar.
Coffee & Cacao Old Fashioned, The Watermark Bar.

Coffee & Cacao Old Fashioned, The Watermark Bar.

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A smooth wintery blend of Wild Turkey 101, infused with Cacao Nibs & Dark Roast Coffee Beans. Stirred down with Demerara Sugar and a mixture of Aromatic & Black Walnut Bitters

Recipe & Serving Suggestions

Coffee & Cacao infused Wild Turkey 101, Demerara Sugar.

To serve, pour over ice.

29% alc. 90ml single serve. Allergens: None

Made by the talented team at The Watermark Bar, Leeds

The Watermark was a home bar project, which started out at a bartender’s house. Constantly bringing their work home with them. 4 years of developing drink menus and spontaneous house parties in their kitchen led to a battle of space between bar equipment and booze over kitchen equipment and food. The bar eventually won the battle and the home bar was slowly built into the walls.They left their job in September 2017 with the aim to move what they love doing at their house, into town. A bar inspired by their home and shared ethos for hospitality. ‘The Watermark’ became a brand focused on collaborating with other bars and their bartenders. Opening up the house for them to use equipment and stock, develop ideas and collaborate with the hope to help raise the profile for bartender in the city.In September 2018, one year later, The Watermark took over 3 Cross Belgrave Street to give it a personality change.The Watermark found a new home.Piece by piece the home bar was relocated to begin its next chapter in town and now here you are to be a part of it. Cheers!

Using Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

Wild Turkey 101’s high proof, high rye recipe is aged for longer in No.4 alligator char new American Oak barrels, which results in a fuller, deeper and more pure bourbon taste. A profile that has been made famous for it’s big, bold spicy flavour, one that can stand up when shaken, stirred or served over ice - making Wild Turkey 101 the perfect backbone to the number one selling cocktail in the world, the Old Fashioned.

101 is recognised by bartenders locally and globally, for not shying from its boldness – real bourbon, no apologies. You’ll find an explosion of vanilla and caramel, hints of honey and oranges, a signature extremely long, deep and smooth finish, with a recognisable burn.


Coffee & Cacao Old Fashioned, The Watermark Bar.
Coffee & Cacao Old Fashioned, The Watermark Bar.

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