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Sage + Apple Gimlet<br />Cottonopolis
Sage + Apple Gimlet<br />Cottonopolis
Sage + Apple Gimlet<br />Cottonopolis

Sage + Apple Gimlet

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A bright and complex reimagining of the gimlet - inspired by nature.

Recipe & Serving Suggestion

Nàdar Gin by Arbikie, Sage & Apple Cordial, Orange Bitters

To serve, pour into a chilled glass.

21% ABV, 135ml single serve. Allergens: None

From the team at Cottonopolis, Manchester

Cottonopolis is an 80 cover restaurant and bar based in a grade II listed building in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Their award-winning unique cocktail menu draws inspiration predominantly from Asia as well as modern twists on many classics.

Made with Nàdar Gin

Launched in February 2020, Nàdar Gin comes from Arbikie Distilling and is a revolutionary Scottish gin. Meaning nature in Gaelic, Nàdar is the world's first carbon neutral, climate positive gin with a carbon footprint of -1.54kg CO2 per 70 cl bottle.


Sage + Apple Gimlet<br />Cottonopolis
Sage + Apple Gimlet<br />Cottonopolis
Sage + Apple Gimlet<br />Cottonopolis

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