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It's a Reyka Bloody Mary...
It's a Reyka Bloody Mary...

It's a Reyka Bloody Mary...

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An elevated classic, perfect for those cold winter mornings and late breakfasts.

Recipe & Serving Suggestion

Reyka Vodka, Tomato Juice, Pickle Brine, Caraway, Tabasco

Pour over ice. If available, garnish with a stick of celery and any extra spice you might like.

13% ABV, 150ml.

Allergens: Mustard, Sulphites

From the talented team at Bar Average, London

Bar Average is more of a movement than a bar... Set up by the talented Roman & Marshall, two guys with a whole host of experience in the global bar scene who wanted to create something different for their guests. What they’re trying to do with Bar Average is simplify the choices that they can influence; a guest will always have to pick where to go out, but once they arrive they believe they should find a bartender who they can be friends with, lighting that doesn't feel like a hospital waiting room and a menu with things that they know or like on it. They began with a tour of pop-ups throughout Europe and will be back with bang, as soon as its allowed! 


It's a Reyka Bloody Mary...
It's a Reyka Bloody Mary...

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