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Grand & Sour<br />The Coral Room
Grand & Sour<br />The Coral Room
Grand & Sour<br />The Coral Room

Grand & Sour
The Coral Room

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Twist on the Classic Margarita with rich, sweet orange and honey sweetness.

Recipe & Serving suggestion

Grand Marnier, Mezcal, Supasawa, Agave.

To serve, pour over ice.

21%, 130ml single serve. Allergens: None.

From the talented team at The Coral Room

Beautiful, centrally located hotel bar which is just as perfect for meetings, as it is for after work drinks. The clue is in the name when it comes to decor. Think pink.

Made with Grand Marnier

The Grand Marnier story began almost two centuries ago in 1827. The original Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge was born in 1880 when Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle had the eccentric idea to combine Cognac with a rare and exotic variety of oranges from the Caribbean.

This avante-garde creation was revealed to be true genius, a true reflection of La Belle Epoque era which was enjoyed everywhere from the Ritz, to on-board the Titanic.

Nearly 150 years on from its birth, its original recipe has never changed.

In celebration of Grand Marnier, its places and its founder a range of three super-premium Cuvées have been developed to champion the role of Cognac in this beautiful liqueur.

Grand & Sour<br />The Coral Room
Grand & Sour<br />The Coral Room
Grand & Sour<br />The Coral Room

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