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Cornish Storm<br />Surf Side Rum Shack
Cornish Storm<br />Surf Side Rum Shack

Cornish Storm
Surf Side Rum Shack

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Indulgent aged rum complimented with layers of spice & citrus.

Recipe & Serving Suggestion

Santiago de Cuba 11 Year Old, Ginger Cordial, Supasawa, Agave, Sherry, Angostura Bitters.

To serve, pour over ice.

17% ABV, 100ml single serve. Allergens: Ginger, Sulphites

From the team at Surf Side Rum Shack, Cornwall

Built into the quarry behind the Surfside restaurant predominantly using reclaimed materials, Rum Bar is an homage to the piratical history of Cornwalls rugged coast, and a celebration of that most diverse, irreverent and rambunctious of spirits - Rum!


Cornish Storm<br />Surf Side Rum Shack
Cornish Storm<br />Surf Side Rum Shack

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