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Our Eco Footprint

Our Eco Footprint

Here's the lowdown on The Drinks Drop's sustainability...

One thing we have certainly learnt from months of lockdowns is that we can get pretty much whatever we want to be delivered straight to our front door, sometimes even within hours of placing an order. Convenience culture has grown to unbelievable heights through the pandemic, and whilst this is very... well... convenient, it raises the question of “how sustainable is this?” with the amazon delivery driver making daily drops of stuff we probably don’t need, it becomes easy to spot how quickly the packaging piles up. So once again, it’s time for cocktails to take a stand and lead the way in healing the world, from Martinis inspiring presidents and prime ministers to Mai Tais extracting secrets from loose lips, cocktails always help motivate a movement.

When we launched The Drinks Drop, we needed to choose packaging that first of all, got the cocktails to you safe and sound, but also in a responsible manner. Each of our pouches is fully recyclable and arrive with a returns envelope so we can take care of all the hassle of recycling for you. Of course, all the pouches that have been returned to us are completely drained and empty so… strong work folks!

Our pouches are also perfect for storing cocktails in your freezer. We love to bring ours out two minutes before drinking and running them under a tap. It was a truly momentous day in The Drinks Drop HQ when we figured out that they could also be placed in a pan of boiling water for a hot Christmas cocktail (if you didn’t try them last year then look out for them this coming Christmas!)

Last month we launched our new Earth Boxes. Three boxes containing three delicious cocktails inspired by nature. The box itself has been made from mycelium, the material structure of fungi. We’ve grown a safe, sustainable and totally home-compostable alternative to plastic foams. You could say we’re solving the plastic problem with the magic of mushrooms. Browse our Earth Boxes here.

On top of this, all our London local drops are made by bartenders on bicycles. Yes, some of the beautiful humans who make your drinks, deliver them too! No cars or scooters busying up the streets.

We recognise the importance of being sustainable and responsible and the aim is to continue to create new ways of leaving an eco-footprint we can be proud of. For now, compost your mushroom boxes and don't forget to send us back your pouches!

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