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What’s Hot at The Drinks Drop

What’s Hot at The Drinks Drop

Our list of must-haves and must-dos for the coming month.

What to listen to: MOTOMAMI +
Rereleases can often feel unnecessary, such is not the case for Rosalia’s Motomami +. Originally released back in March, Motomami secured Rosalia’s position as one of Europe’s most exciting acts and boasting 8 new tracks, Motomami + further elevates the experimental, genre-bending, and bizarre universe Rosalia has perfectly created. Standout track ‘Despechá’ has proved a hit across Europe, Latin America, and The Drinks Drop HQ.

What to Drink: Softcore Porn at Panda & Sons, Edinburgh
Panda & Sons is a Barber Shop themed Speakeasy, hidden away in Edinburgh's city centre. With background music, an enjoyable atmosphere and a wide-ranging drinks selection! One drink on that menu that certainly turned our heads is their spin on a Pornstar Martini, the Softcore Porn. Firstly, a round of applause for the name. Secondly, it tastes great. Made with Braemble Gin Liqueur, Vanilla Infused Luksusowa Vodka, Lillet Blanc, Sweet Sparkling Red & Lime… what’s not to love? If Edinburgh sounds like a long journey, you can get a taste of Panda & Sons with the Peach Julep - their addition to our summer menu delivered to your door right here.

The Place to Eat: FORZA WIN
Southeast London’s Italian fav is back after a 2-year hiatus. At its new home in Camberwell. Its cute colour scheme pops on the high street and the interior is equally enjoyable. With a five-course menu ranging from anti-pasti, to primi, secondi, controni, and dolci, we doubt you will leave unfulfilled. We loved the Casarecce – pistachio pesto pasta, get down there now! Check the menu out here.
The Place to Dance: HERE at Outernet
If you’ve recently ventured to the corner of Oxford Street and Charing Cross Rd you may have noticed the recently unveiled Blade Runner-esque screens which luminate a cluster of shiny new buildings known as Outernet “a billion-pound immersive media, music and culture district”.

Beneath the bright lights lies HERE at Outernet, a 2000-capacity venue set to host “a diverse array of talent across pop, electronic, indie, events and more”. The venue has already been played by legendary Annie Mac and has hosted the launch of MILK, a brand-new club night bringing us ‘the cream of queer talent’. An especially monumental launch after the loss of Charring Cross Road’s London Astoria, the previous home of G-A-Y before its 2009 Crossrail closure.
What to Binge: Lord of the Rings - The Rings of Power
Amazon dropping Lord of the Rings just a week after HBO’s House of the Dragon was the high-fantasy drama we weren’t expecting in 2022. With many LOTR fans unhappy with details unnoticed by the average viewer, the release of a Middle-earth prequel has been met with criticism from every angle. Our opinion? It’s a fun watch. Every episode so far has been visually stunning, and its makeup, costumes and storylines allow for total immersion into Tolkien’s fantastical world. Don’t ask us to name any of the characters, it feels almost impossible to keep up, but we know we will be tuning in next week for more Orc and Elven theatrics.
Blast From the Past: Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior
We won’t lie, it’s been hard to find time to head to the cinema and watch the latest releases, so we’ve been streaming some classics at home. One surprising watch was George Miller’s post-apocalyptic Australian action film from 1981. There is only one word to describe this classic… camp. The mohawks, muscles, and bikers in leather bondage gear somehow make sense within Australia’s vast desert landscape.

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