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Meet Thea Cumming...

Meet Thea Cumming...

Meet Thea, the founder of Dangerous Don Mezcal & the beautiful little pink Mezcal basement of dreams Doña Bar in Stoke Newington.

What about Doña makes you most proud?
I am super proud that alongside my business partner Lucie we have managed to create a truly unique space & atmosphere. Having worked in bars & restaurants my whole life it fills me with so much joy when I walk down the steps and I see happy faces bopping around and sipping on mezcal. We have created such a unique space which is a testament to the lineup of musicians we work with, the magical staff who spread the good word of mezcal & also the pink and red interiors! Fancy a drink from Doña? Click here.

The best thing about Dangerous Don Mezcal?
The producers who make it. 

Where’s your favourite secret hangout spot?
Is it wrong if I say Doña? It is my favourite spot in London, either that or The Sun Tavern which I don't think is a secret. If we are talking about random secret spots then I would say on the roof of the building I live in Hackney. When we do have good weather the evening on that roof is pretty magical. If we are talking in the world I would probably say the field opposite my parent's house where I grew up in Devon, specifically in June/July when the grass is still long and it is a lovely sunny evening in Devon. It can't be beaten. 

Where do you go to for cocktail inspiration?
Hawksmoor. I love Hawksmoor! Or Three Sheets. In Oaxaca I love the cocktails at Sabina Sabe or Casa Oaxaca. 

What’s your top bartender tip for making cocktails at home?
Start off following a recipe so you know the idea of the drink, then you can start to be more creative. Don't rush - I always rush and ruin things. 

Where’s your next holiday / travel destination going to be and why?
I am in Mexico at the moment so I suppose my next travel destination will be my 10 days quarantine in Devon when I return home. I can't wait! 

What’s your desert island 5?
Movie –  True Romance
Album – The Cure - Extended Mix
Book – The Art of Happiness 
Cocktail – Mezcal & Hibiscus Margarita 
Meal  – Chicken Pozole 

Man walks into a bar… What’s the most bizarre, eye opening or interesting customer request or experience you’ve had?
We had a birthday at Doña where they brought in a 2-metre-tall ice sculpture of a cactus to drink mezcal from! It does sort of make sense, well it did until it melted!

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