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Meet Guillaume Lambrecht, Owner of Deluxe Distillery...

Meet Guillaume Lambrecht, Owner of Deluxe Distillery...

Owner of Deluxe Distillery, Guillaume Lambrecht, tells us a little more about Sūpāsawā, an ingredient you may has spotted in some of our cocktails.

Tell us a little about yourself…
I’m Guillaume and I’m the owner of Deluxe Distillery. We own three brands: Sūpāsawā, Blind Tiger Gin and Mary White Vodka. I have always been passionate about drinks and alcohol, so I made my passion my job!

What is Sūpāsawā?
Sūpāsawā, is your new best friend in the bar. It is a sour agent for cocktails, it is non-alcoholic, and gives the same acidity or even a better acidity as fresh lemons or lime to your cocktails & cordials.

Why did you create Sūpāsawā?
We wanted to create a consistent and sustainable solution to citrus. Speaking to many top bartenders across the world we realised that squeezing lemons and limes in bars was very labour intensive and also the results were very inconsistent. Sūpāsawā is ready to use and the PH will always be 1.95 so consistent, affordable tasty drinks all round.

What is Sūpāsawā made of?
Sūpāsawā is made from distilled water, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Succinic Acid and Phosphoric Acid. It took us almost one year and 40 different recipes to find the perfect balance between the 5 different acids. So we took our time.

Is Sūpāsawā only for bartenders?
Whilst Sūpāsawā is incredibly useful in a bar, it can of course be used at home! Due to the SUPA-DUPA long shelf life and the stability of the PH, bartenders and people at home can replicate their favourite cocktail each time again and again the same way with the same components. Constant guaranteed great taste. As Sūpāsawā has the same acidity as fresh lemon and limes, it is incredibly versatile and can be used in so many different things, not just cocktails. 

What are the benefits of using Sūpāsawā in cocktails?
Ready-to-pour Sūpāsawā reduces your beverage cost dramatically. You don't have to spend your time juicing lemons and limes anymore (you don't even need to buy them!) Sūpāsawā can also be used for a year after opening, whereas freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice goes off after only two days.

Stability is also a huge benefit to using Sūpāsawā in cocktails. The flavour of lemon and lime juice can be affected by too many volatile factors, such as the moment of juicing, or the ripeness of the fruit. Sūpāsawā always tastes the same, wherever and whenever. 

What are the sustainability benefits of Sūpāsawā?
Like previously mentioned, Sūpāsawā has a longer shelf life than fresh fruit so there is less waste involved. Sūpāsawā also reduces your carbon footprint by taking freight with citrus fruits from exotic places off the road and out of the air. 


What do you love about the UK cocktail scene?
Firstly, the UK cocktail scene is always avant-garde in new hypes and techniques.

Secondly, the market is always watched by other countries. It’s like the hotspot of the cocktail scene, so if you want to know something or want to experiment, with a new product, the UK would be the best choice!

Favourite hangout spot?
I have plenty to be honest. But everywhere where they have good drinks and a great atmosphere is perfect! I’m not the most difficult person in the world.

And the most important question, who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Russel Crowe from the Gladiator!

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